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Chengdu Foyangzi Juluxe Network, affiliated to Nanjing Juluxe Network Technology Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Nanjing, it is one of the earliest professional trading institutions for second-hand famous products and luxury goods. It provides consumers with comprehensive experience services such as identification, valuation, maintenance and trading of famous products, and provides professional services such as finance, logistics and training for industry customers. In 2015, it won the most growth Internet + enterprise in Jiangsu, and became the governing unit of Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association. In 2016, it was awarded the honorary title of “China Top 100 Stars and Top Ten Internet E-commerce Enterprises in China”. The Group"s brand serves the whole country, expands globally into a market structure, integrates the service advantages of offline terminals, and builds a grand luxury network. The company brings together talents from inside and outside the industry, e-commerce and physical retailing, and is committed to building a second-hand luxury online + offline trading platform with a higher level of professionalism and greater scale in China. Become the leading pioneer in the domestic second-hand luxury trading platform. At present, Julux.com has hundreds of physical terminals in the country, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc...

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